Saudi Oman announce Unified Tourist visa

Saudia Arabia and Oman announce unified tourist visa

RIYADH: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Sultanate of Oman have joined hands to launch a unified tourist visa and implement collaborative initiatives that aim to elevate their tourism sectors.

The new unified tourist visa announced a month after it was revealed that the GCC was considering a ‘Schengen-style’ visa for all the countries.

Saudia Arabia and Oman announce unified tourist visa

The kingdom’s Tourism Minister Ahmad Al Khatib conducted talks in Muscat with Oman’s Salem Al Mahrooqi to promote tourism in both countries.


Saudi Arabia and Oman’s joint projects are aimed at attracting foreign tourists, citizens of both countries, and residents of the GCC countries.

The initiatives, which include a unified tourist visa, seasonal flights, and a joint tourism calendar, aim to promote tourism and boost investment cooperation between the two nations.

The collaboration between the kingdom and Oman is part of the broader cooperation among the six GCC member countries, which also include the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar.

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