About Us

About The Better Fare

The Better Fare company is a travel services provider company registered in the Netherlands. It was founded by the travelers and for the travelers with the aim to help fellow travelers to explore the world with a better price.

With my extensive travel experience around the world (and counting!), I have gained enough experience to be able to meet my travel needs with lowest possible budget and at the same time, still keeping the quality in my travels.

Searching cheapest flights and hotels is my hobby and The Better Fare is the platform which helps me do the job I love to do hence I don’t have to worry about working. I take the pride to be a pro when it comes to finding cheap flights and hotels and decided to help my fellow travelers and hence you are here at the Better Fare. Please reach out to me and I assure you you will not be disappointed, and I say this with confidence.

You are welcome to the world of The Better Fare!