Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi- Image by Guenter Schneider from Pixabay

Etihad Airways super cheap non stop flight from Rome to Abu Dhabi for only €70 one way, €164 return

Etihad Airways is offering a jaw dropping deal for non stop flight between Rome and Abu Dhabi for just €70 one way and €164 return.

This has never been cheaper to travel between Europe and Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi based Etihad Airways is currently in neck to neck on this route with the low cost carrier Wizz Air but Etihad has no competition when it comes to service onboard when compared with Wizz Air. While Wizz only offers the seat for this price, Etihad is offering a much better upgrade in terms of seat plus a free hand carry, meals and snacks onboard and of course an unparalleled service when compared with Wizz.

Etihad Airways service onboard

There is no doubt Etihad Airways services have no comparison when compared with Wizz Air – yet the fare offered is very attractive.

Availability dates

This fare is available for a couple of weeks in the month of June 2023. Please use Etihad Airways website to look for your desired dates. Here you see some examples.

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Etihad Airways











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